Episode 41 – “Minimum Wage Rising”

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Show notes & links

00:03 - Welcome & Introduction

00:42 - Acne Awareness Week in Canada

04:42 - Bayer the German Pharmaceutical company to acquire Monsanto in $66-billion takeover

Links: https://goo.gl/3Mfnh1https://goo.gl/8dLvOs

08:12 - US, study finds that over $1-Trillion is spent on incarceration.

Links: https://goo.gl/lGV6bf & https://goo.gl/5LfTS2 & https://goo.gl/4UeMC1

10:23 - Alberta’s minimum wage rising to $15/hr by 2018.

Links: https://goo.gl/dHZYNnhttps://goo.gl/Zl15A8

13:28 - Tory MP’s can’t decide if new leader should be fluent in French.

Links: https://goo.gl/4Lt3rt

14:38 - Kids get their intelligence from mom.

Links: https://goo.gl/YA1zrM

15:00 - What I’m Grateful for this past week

15:10 - Quote, Saying or Thought of the Week

17:14 - Thank you & goodbyes


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