Episode #53 – “Freedom”

Head over to @NadiaDonella on YouTube for Closed Captioning. Transcripts here. Sorry about the extra crappy audio. I have my microphone back but apparently, I've forgotten how to fix things up. I'll work on it for next time.

Show notes & links

-Welcome & Introduction

-Female physicians, patients tend to live, more than their male counterparts.

Links: theatlantic.com & jamanetwork.com

-Well, Texas has done it again.

Links: newsmax.com

-George Michael died on Christmas day.

-Why do more people tend to die during the holiday season?

Links: jaha.ahajournals.org

- Quote or Saying of the Week.

– What I’m Grateful for this Week

- Thank you & goodbyes

17:26 - Outro Song: Wishing Well - Bird Creek Music Center - Copyright Free Music

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