Episode 64 – “Allergy Season In Full Effect”

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Show notes & links

00:01: Intro/Outro music: "Hate It Or Love It" Music by Joakim Karud http://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud

00:33 - Welcome & how are you this week? What I did this weekend.

Links: mayoclinic.org

07:03 - Iron Fist on Netflix.

11:16 - I found this interesting article stating that 2/3rds of men in the UK now have cats as pets.

Link: independent.co.uk

23:52 - New study shows cats like us more than anything else. 

Link: sciencedirect.com & mashable.com

24:59 - Will Marijuana save the dying economy in New Brunswick Canada?

Link:  cbc.ca & huffingtonpost.ca & globalnews.ca & cbc.ca & statcan.gc.ca

31:43 - Easter Gifts/Gift Baskets

37:34 - Quote of the Week

In Spring, everything is full of promise.... The child sporting upon the lawn, and the season, sympathize together, and nature rejoices in her virgin loveliness. ~Charles Lanman, "The Dying Year," 1840

38:30 - What I’m Grateful For this past week. Let me know what you are grateful for today or this past week.

39:54 - Thank you & goodbyes!

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