Episode #70 – “Super Heroes, Netflix & More!”

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Show notes & links

00:01 - Intro/Outro music: "Hate It Or Love It" by Joakim Karud

00:31 - Welcome, social media stuff & how are you this week?

02:28 - Today is Cupcake Lover's Day & who doesn't love a cupcake? Check out my recipe for Cherry Cupcakes with Cherry Buttercream & watch me make it on Nadia's Kitchen Creations.

05:09 - Wonder Woman & Black Panther chat. Have you seen either of them?

09:44 - Caught up on iZombie. Do you watch it? Living by movie sets.

16:29 - Tiny homes are not legal in Vancouver, BC. Who knew? I didn't.

23:21 - Quote of the Week & my thoughts.

24:26 - What I’m Grateful For this past week. Let me know what you are grateful for today or this past week.    

25:32 - Thank you & goodbye!

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