Episode 8- My Views, Extended

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-Apple Cider Vinegar is a no-go

Ridiculous News

-Earthquake from a couple of weeks ago, was caused by fracking.



More Ridiculous News

 -Drunk driving charge dismissed, occurred in Ontario, Canada on Dec 7th, 2014


Interesting News

-Black Hospital Patients Given Cold Shoulder In Disturbing New Study


More Interesting News

-I will be using medical terminology for human body parts. So if you are squeamish or do not want your children to hear these terms for the body, I would fast forward for several minutes.

Postnatal Care: Canada Has A Lot To Learn From Holland



Not So Good News

-Good will stores across Ontario, Canada, closed Sunday Jan 17th.


-Short rant on feminism and what a lot of people, seemingly women don’t get


-What I'm grateful for this past week

That I was able to read a book, in hand not on a kindle, in between sky train stops. But actually in my home. In the quiet, turning a page, sipping on some coffee. It’s The Sweet Life, by Dulce Candy Ruiz, a YouTuber. I’ve never seen any of her videos but I love reading about successful business women, no matter the field. I have a few more chapters to get through and I’ll be done. Even if I have to speed read on a Saturday, to get some reading done, I’m going to make it a priority in my life, once again. Are you reading anything this week, or are you like me and struggling to get back to love of the book in hand?

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