World Sickle Cell Day, June 19th 2016 -Episode 28

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This is my first interview, so be forgiving. I decided to leave some of the flubs in but it will get better. 😌

Sickle Cell Anemia Day Interview Questions & Show Notes

Question #1 Can you tell us, in layman's terms, what is Sickle Cell Anemia?

Question #2 What type of SCA do you have and give us a little, the variations, again in layman terms, and what type do you have?

Question #3 What are the misconceptions about SCA, that you've encountered over the years?

Question #4 What are your fears about, or a fear about living with SCA?

Question #5 What are some negatives. We kind of spoke about it, but a few negatives and some positives about living with SCA.

Question #6 Over the years, you've lived in 2 different provinces in Canada and you've also lived in the UK. How do you feel about how the medical community, the various medical communities around the world, how they deal with SCA? Whether it's in the hospital, your GP a specialist?

Question #7 I'm hearing that you are definitely happier with the care that you received in the UK, but now even though we haven't been here that long, compared to Ontario which kind of has more positives?

Question #8 What do you want to share or what do you want people to know about SCA?

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World Sickle Cell Day 2016, is this Sunday June 19th. Learn more about Sickle Cell Anemia at a few sites listed below.

Kai always knows when her auntie needs a little extra comfort.
Kai always knows when her auntie needs a little extra comfort.

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