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If your celebrating Halloween today/tonight, have a safe and fun time!

Face painting & cookie decorating at the local garden centre.

This month I've chosen one of my favourite authors of all, E. Lynn Harris. Unfortunately he passed away in 2009 from heart disease at the age of 54, while promoting his latest book at the time, 'Basketball Jones'. When I heard about his passing I was truly devastated. Personally it's hard to find authors who's books are page turners. The kind where you know you should go to bed and when you look at the clock it's 3 am. E. Lynn Harris's books are often listed under gay men's fiction, not a choice category title as far as I'm concerned but people usually feel comfortable with categories. To me he was just an amazing story teller.

In 'And This Too Shall Pass' (1996, Doubleday) we meet Zurich Robinson an up and coming rookie football player coming to terms with his sexuality, in his own way and how it fits in with his budding career as a sports star. Zurich was an athlete his whole life, so he knows the pressure of fitting into that typical macho, overly sexual stereotype of the male athlete.  Can the public handle having an openly gay sports star? He also has to come to terms with the effect that it may have with his family and friends.

E. Lynn Harris like his other stories also touches on how religion can affect how they deal with their homosexuality. Can you believe in God, be spiritual and still be true to who you are? A question that people in real life deal with everyday.

Click here to see the video 'A Loving Tribute To E. Lynn Harris'.

If you are already an E. Lynn Harris fan, what are your favourite books from him? If not, go to your local library and borrow a few of his books.
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Note: Tomorrow, November 1st, will be my second attempt participating in the NaNoWriMo writing contest. Is anyone else participating? Is this your first attempt or have you participated before?

Song of the Day:A Nightmare On My Street (Single Version) - Will Smith: Greatest Hits  A Nightmare On My Street - Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff, Greatest Hits, 2002, Sony Music Entertainment Inc. (Links may not work in all countries.)

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