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~I changed my logo. Do you like it? It's simple & what I should have been aiming for, all along. I have a few other logos in stock, which I may use over the course of this year. I was never happy with the previous one, but hey, it was an experience.


~The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival has started, but I will not be going to anything, if it's raining. We've had a few dark days, so I'm hoping for a day or two of sun, by next week. If you're in the area, the festival dates are March 24th-April 17th. I know I'm turning into a certain older, person that I once knew. If it was raining, or too cold, they were not venturing out. Well, I can handle the cold. The rain? I'm over it, unless I must. Bring on, old age (whatever that means to you). 😉


~Check out my latest podcast, Episode 16 "I'm Ashamed"This week I talk about SeaWorld; horrible teachers; the health crisis in the Kashechewan First Nation community, plus more! Like, share & leave a comment, I'd appreciate it. Thanks so much!


(Disclosure: From time to time, affiliate links are included in my posts, meaning at no extra cost to you, a small percentage of the sale (purchased through the provided link) comes to me. I will only recommend products that I have used in the past or use currently or truly believe in. This post is not sponsored. )

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