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  • There's not much happening in my community, at least that I know of. That's okay though because Women's Day is really everyday. As long as your continuing to improve yourself, other women, or your community in general, all is good. We do what we can, when we can do it. Guilt because you can't, for whatever reason, does not help anyone or yourself.

-Learn more about International Women's Day @www.internationalwomensday.com

  • I'm hoping for a great weekend, the weather should be hovering around 0 degrees and the sun will be shining. So being outdoors won't feel like such a chore. I'm hoping to take some pictures in the park or by the river, so wish me luck!
  • I also plan to finish reading another book this weekend. Reading is awesome and I feel better when I can get, at least a chapter in a day. Does anyone else crave and miss reading when time does not allow you to indulge?

Are you doing anything for International Women's Day or on the weekend in general? Have a great Friday & enjoy your weekend!

Song of the Week:Alright - Rhythm Nation 1814 Janet Jackson, 1990. Watch Alright. One of my favourite videos! (Links may not work in all countries.)


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