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I can't believe August is here already. This entire year is flying by. I am kind of excited that we're closer to fall now. Although I don't think it's really going to cool off until October. These past few Thanksgivings (Canada) have been warm or plain hot.

It's official I have Olympic fever. I haven't had it, well in years. Ever since I was disgusted by the obvious favouritism & rigging of scores in a past Winter games. I can't remember which one exactly. Sometime in the 90's.

Like I said it's back and I'm a little obsessed, to the point of me re-working my work schedule around the events that I want to see. That's bad, but hey it's for a short amount of time.

Is it bad that I can't wait for the week to be over & for the long weekend to start? I'm having more of those weeks, lately. I think I need a serious vacation 🙂 That's it for now. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Feels like it should be one of those days

Till next time,



(Please don't write me about humans vs. pets, who is more important, worthy etc, and everything that could get started. The post is about pets and those that value them in the same way that I do.)

This day was started by Colleen Paige of the Animal Miracle Foundation & Network, as a way to show appreciation and love for the animals in our lives.

Vaccinations. I'm not a fan of vaccinations in general, for people or pets. I saw a huge difference in my cats personality, eating habits, energy level, within hours of her receiving her kitten vaccinations. Plus I wasn't the only one to notice these changes. I'm not a fan and there's not much that can convince me otherwise. The only vaccine that she got during her annual examine in 2010 was the rabies shot, which is supposed to be good for 3 years, I'm still not convinced that I did the right thing.  It is a by-law and I didn't want to get sued if she scratched/bit someone and gave them rabies. She probably won't get the rabies shot again. This will probably cause me problems when I move and have to get on a plane with her. Oh well, there's always the highway.

Flea/bug remedies. She received a preventative flea treatment once, under my watch. Again, I'm not happy with the results. First, it's a pesticide and I don't even want to breath that in. Secondly, it bleached her fur from black to white. You can't convince me that, it's okay or healthy in any way. She was very itchy in the exact spot that the flea prevention was applied for the next 2 weeks. If I'm remembering correctly I was itching on my arms and neck where she used to sleep on me in her kitten days.

Since then I use a more natural bug repellent called 'force field'  (not perfect, but better than the alternative) around the windows and doors. When she's outside and supervised I spray it all over her. So far so good. I've also used it on myself as alternative to Deet products and it's works really well.


She used to be in my arms or nestled in the crook of my neck. Now days I'm lucky if I get a leg figure 8.

Great veterinarian care. My vet is great. She works with the traditional treatments but pet parents have the option of incorporating holistic therapies during those treatments. Acupuncture, Chinese medicine and all the therapies that are involved within those. I think it's great and these services made me choose Dr. Taylor over other veterinarians in the city.

Food/Treats. I was making her food, until she stopped eating it. Now I use the commercial stuff but buy the best grain-free food that I can afford. Will I really know if it's human grade food? No, but I have to trust at some point. I do want to go back and try the raw food diet again because I think it's best for my cat. (I know this is not popular with many people including many veterinarians). Maybe when life's a little less stressful (I can dream).

Chemicals and cleaning products. I use the least harmful that I can for myself but also keep her in mind. She's licking her feet throughout the day, so using bleach to clean the floor is not an option. For the floors I usually use a hot water and vinegar mixture. That seems to work. I used to clean out her litter box with soap and bleach. Now I just use super hot water, vinegar and soap. Let it soak for 20 minutes or so. Scrub. Rinse and put the empty litter box, tray and scoop in the mid-day sun to dry and disinfect naturally.

Litter. I recently tried to use a new litter to test for odour control, Arm & Hammer Double Duty. It didn't last the week. I really need to listen to my instincts. Kai was itching like mad, leaving scabs down her back. Boy did I feel bad. So it's back to Feline Pine Clumping Litter. It leaves a trail of litter bits, but I just have to sweep more often.

I just try to make her life as comfortable as possible. She may not appreciate it, but that's what I do for the pet in my life.

Don't mind the upside down harness.

Do you feel a holistic life is beneficial to your pet(s)? Do you do anything holistic for your pet(s)?

Song of the Day:Hurricane - The Truth Is... (Special Edition) 'Hurricane' - Theory of a DeadMan, 2011, The Truth Is... (604 Records)

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