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I saw this on a website, #AnswerYourCat'sQuestionsDay. So I decided to answer a few with pictures. Sometimes it's just about fun!

Kai: "Why are you taking off your fur?"

And when you're naked.

"What happened!?"

Me: That's how it is. Sorry if I gross you out!


Kai: "Where do you go, when you leave the house?"


Me: On exciting adventures around the world, of course!


Kai: "Who were you with? I can smell them!"


Me: I promise I was just saying hi to the pet store cat. Really.


Kai: "Is that for me?"

Me: Of course it is. Everything I bring in here is for you, Kai.


Kai: "What's going on up there?"

To the loud upstairs, neighbours.

Me: I'd like to know as well. Their loud af, huh?


Kai: "Did I hear my treat bag open?"


Me: No Kai, it's not treat time. I just opened the fridge/turned on the kettle/am eating a cracker!"

Some other questions on the kitties mind:

Kai: "Why do you not groom yourself? Don't you feel gross?"

Kai: "Why are you not up and getting my breakfast. It's 5 a.m. already woman!"

What thoughts pass through your cat's mind. Okay, what you (we) think does? Have a great weekend!

Till next time,


  • It's Administrative Professionals Day and they are often the front line workers. They  often get the brunt of people's bad moods or the genuine smiles and thank you's of someone they have helped. I've been a front line person before and it is not easy. Having to be pleasant in some of the most unpleasant circumstances. You also hold a lot of power, more then the boss or the customer/client believes. So be nice and appreciate you Administrative personnel, not only today, but every day. Learn more @http://www.iaap-hq.org


  • Today is also International Noise Awareness Day. Protect your ears, because once the damage is done, it's gone forever. I have been guilty of blasting the music in my headphones much louder then I should have, in the past.  I know that I have suffered damage from it. I thought the good music was worth the damage then. Now, not so much. But I guess, when you know better you do better. Learn more @http://www.chha-nl.nl.ca

It's a rainy and cold day but I have a lot to do, so have a fabulous day. Live your life to the fullest!


Till next time,