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Burnaby, BC

My vacation/scouting trip was pretty successful, but it was busy from the get-go. I did have one day off, but I could have used another one. I pushed myself way too much when I knew better. The spots that I stayed in were, Burnaby, Courtenay and Victoria. Day trips to see all the other cities/communities.

I'm 95% sure that I will make the move to BC. It took from the time I got there, to about a week ago to decide if the province is overrated. BC has a lot of nice places but so does Ontario. It also has a lot of expensive places to live, but so does Ontario. The bonus being, for the most part, the milder year-round weather. I am over all of the snow, especially in April. By the way, BC is kind of overrated. All of Canada is beautiful, and most parts are more affordable than BC.

One thing that was odd to me, were the amount of liquor stores, everywhere. It reminded me of the US (not all parts of course). It seemed that they were on every block or beside every large grocer. It is really that necessary? And this coming from someone who consumes alcohol. I don't know, it was a little disturbing, but I guess I'll have to get used to it because it's coming to Ontario sooner or later.

The hills in many areas of BC are a b*&@h! It got to the point where I was cussing whenever I saw an incline coming. Who built this province anyway! My thighs do have muscles that I haven't seen in years, so I guess that's a plus. But seriously, the hills made me not want to live in certain areas. In a month I know I would regret it. And no, I would not get used to it.

BC kind of reminds me of where I live, with the amount of walkers, bikers and joggers. They are everywhere. There is a lot of outdoor space, within the city, which is great. One minute you're in the heart of downtown, the next you're in a secluded mini forest.


I did learn that 3 weeks is too long to travel, for me. 2 weeks is the maximum for future travel. Plus, I missed Kai the cat more than I thought was possible. Serious kitty withdrawal. I just realized a few days ago that most of her whiskers are just starting to grow back. Meaning an inch or less of new growth, which is not normal for her. In the past I have only seen one, maybe two growing in at a time. So, she was so stressed that they fell out, or she was so stressed that she scratched them out. Either way it makes me sad that I didn't anticipate the effect of me leaving her for so long. I don't know how parents of human children do it, when they have to travel for weeks or months at a time. I would be a mess.

I'll do a couple more posts about specific places that I went to, shopped in and ate at, in the upcoming weeks. Travel time is coming up for many people and tips on where to eat or not are always helpful.

Saanich, BC
BC Ferries

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