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`Chilliwack River Valley Natural Honey is a Canadian company, based out of Chilliwack, BC. So far, I've purchased the Buckwheat, Blueberry & Wildflower varieties. If you get to visit the storefront at Granville Island, in Vancouver, you can try most of the honey flavours before you buy. Various sizes and variety packs are available, which are great for gifts.

`The Buckwheat honey is my favourite, so far. It is pungent and bold, in a good way and rich in flavour. Sometimes I just eat a teaspoon, for the love of it! I've also used it as a sore throat soother and it makes my scratchy throat feel better, almost instantly. A definite must have for honey lovers!

`The Wildflower honey is lighter, brighter and floral in flavour. Yet, it stands well on it's own. This honey compliments a herbal tea, nicely.

`The Blueberry flavour is different but still, very nice. Not an overpowering fruit flavour, like the name suggests but you can definitely taste the fruit essence.

Rating: 🌑🌑🌑🌑🌓


`My favourite way to enjoy honey is on toast, followed by using it in baking. What are your favourite ways to enjoy honey?


Check out the website for more info on where and how you can purchase this delicious honey!

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