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Coven: The Scrolls of the Four Winds by Diane Wing. Witches, magic and other worlds are the themes of this book and also happen to be some of my favourite genres to read. This fiction novel about reincarnation and magic was definitely up my alley.

In ancient times four children are chosen to be born forming a coven, to protect ancient texts, secrets and therefore the universe with their varying gifts. Reincarnated over many centuries, these women each represent a direction and an element. Victoria formerly Amira represents the North and Earth. Iman now Cassandra represents the East and Air. Mina now Alexis represents the West and Water. Uzma now Macy represents the South and Fire.

Like all of us, these women have free will to use their gifts and abilities to do good or bad. Because of Victoria the other three women have forgotten their purpose but are still able to develop their magical skills and abilities, throughout time. They have chosen to use their gifts to help others, while Victoria has fallen pray to dark forces, causing the others to spend centuries reincarnating and not knowing what their true purpose is.

In this lifetime Victoria has her own reasons for wanting to bring their coven back together. Mostly for selfish & evil reasons. Is it too late for Victoria or can true friendship help with her redemption? The other three women Alexis, Cassandra & Macy have not lost faith in their old friend, Victoria. Can she turn things around and do the same for herself?

Lessons I learned from Coven: The Scrolls of the Four Winds:

  • Every action has a reaction

  • Even when we do negative things, there is always a chance to redeem yourself. The bad will not be forgotten but you can make amendments and do better going forward.

  • There is a vast universe out there. We are not the only intelligent beings out there. Scary thought, to think otherwise.

  • Everyone has a purpose and reason for being here. We may know it right away or we may spend a lifetime getting to know what it is or we may never know our purpose.

Have you read Coven: The Scrolls of the Four Winds? Thoughts?

I give Coven: The Scrolls of the Four Winds 3/5. (I was given this novel in exchange for this review, but this did not influence my rating, like/dislike of this book.)









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Blue Earth is a beautifully written tale of regret, history and love. The story takes place around the farming community, in Minnesota during the 80's and 90's. With plenty of flash backs to earlier moments in history.

Regret. We all of regrets about the past. Main character & lifetime farmer, Carver Heinz has a lifetime of regret, that he didn't feel until later on in life. So much so, that it was too much to handle at one point. A rough childhood, a broken marriage and few friendships. Dealing with life's issue's at the time is difficult but easier than waiting until problems pile up for years and then often come crumbling down.

History. A history lesson of the farming community in Minnesota, the settlers and the first nations people. Realizing mistakes that were made in the past. Finding a way to forgive, learn, teach and make things right. The characters go through their own healing processes, hurting and healing others along the way.

Love. Loving the character of a person because in the end beauty always fades. Also appreciating what you have because it won't always be there. This is shown in the shortened love story between the parents of Angie, the child displaced in a tornado. Love because of what is right for you, not because of what others feel is right.

*Spoiler Alert*

I have to be honest and say that I did not like main character, Carver Heinz. He was rude, mean & quite frankly a little creepy. I was waiting until the end and happy to read that he did not molest or get inappropriate with Angie, a little girl that he rescued, caught in the path of a tornado.

I did not want to feel sympathy for Carver but in the end my heart did thaw a little for him. He had an abusive childhood & a poor example of what I believe a man should be. Later in life he also had his own family taken away from him. In his own way he tried to substitute Angie for his daughter, who's life he wasn't a part of any longer. A substitution that was obsessive and one-sided.

*Spoiler Alert Ends*

I did like that as readers we were able to delve into the lives of the other characters in Blue Earth. Too often characters are introduced with little or no history. I was able to learn about most of the characters and was satisfied with their past and present story lines.

Blue Earth is a novel that you will come back to over the years. Not only because of the great story that was told but because of the continuous, poetic rhythm that flows throughout each and every sentence. It's been a few years that while reading a book, I knew that I would come back to it, again and again. That says a lot to me about the storytelling power of the author.

I give Blue Earth by Anya Achtenberg, published in 2012, Modern History Press, 5/5. (I was given this novel in exchange for this review, but this did not influence my rating, like/dislike of this book.)







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