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Some of you may know that I would love to start my own business. Well, I'm in the process of doing just that. Just a little blip of redoing one of my courses and finishing my program. In the meantime, I'm revving up the business plan, so I'm already in business by the time April 21st rolls around. Now don't get me wrong if Google comes calling or an amazing startup catches my eye, I'm there. I'm all about multiple sources of income. Not because of greed but because of job security in this precarious job market. Which brings me to this great book, #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. She is the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal, a multi-million dollar online fashion retailer. And she did this under the age of 30. I won't be able to hit the under 30 mark, but I'm aiming for under 40. I'm always looking for inspiration in other entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs in particular.

I wasn't sure if I liked the book in the beginning, particularly because of an early statement:

"I don't want you to look up #GIRLBOSS because all that looking up can keep you down." Pg.13

I thought to myself, "What is the point, why should I even read this book, after a statement like that?" But I'm glad I did and I see her point. Sophia Amoruso talks about how her differences made her a success. How being the different kid who didn't fit in with her schoolmates, to not fitting in with certain jobs, that she held to pay the bills, made her who she is today. There are also exerts from her employees about what made them a fit for Sophia's company or not. What they brought to the table, and what makes them unique in their field. I relate in a lot of ways because I know that I don't fit into what society deems acceptable, in many aspects of my life.

Takeaway? Differences can be good. It's all about how you channel them, and of course good old-fashioned hard work and perseverance.


By the way I didn't look up #GIRLBOSS. I spent and am spending my time taking my business from a dream, to a reality.

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I'm relieved to no end.

Will I get time off? No, because I have tons of ideas & projects to get done. But that's okay.

I will make my daily list as usual & check off each task as they're completed.

I'm going to try embracing stress, just as I embrace being overly busy. A means to an end. Not always enjoyable but it needs to be done.

  • Get ready for another open house. So much fun...not so much.
  • Have the open house.
  • Get paper work together to do taxes. Possibly do taxes?
  • Work on longer meditation sessions. Needed b/c life has been throwing rocks fast & hard this past week.
  • Work on test recipes. Fun but annoying when they don't taste good enough to eat.
  • Continue editing short story/book. Yeah, I had to put this aside for a while but I'm back on track.
  • Work on website coding issues & blog.
  • Continue my search for more Freelance jobs.
  • Exercise on the weekend, not matter how busy I am. It's hard sometimes. Some weekends I have no desire to put on the sneakers and walk.

P.S. I actually won a book this week, from a goodreads contest. The Dead I Know by Scott Gardner & I will do a review of it. Well, it won't come in the mail for 4-6 weeks but hey, it's a book & it's free.

Are your weekends just as busy as your weekdays or do you get to decompress?

Song of the day:So Emotional (2000 Remaster) - The Ultimate Collection So Emotional, Whitney Houston, The Ultimate Collection, 2007, Arista Records LLC. See So Emotional. One of my favourite Whitney Houston songs. I can't really pick a favourite though. RIP, your on your way home. (Links may not work in all countries.)

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