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Most of the time I don't think or stress about aging. It will happen, no matter how I feel. For the most part, getting older is great, or at least I'm neutral about the whole process. But sometimes, I don't like to see it in action. The gray hairs creeping up. The crackly joints, getting louder. My nails are changing, ridges appearing where they used to be smooth. Not impressed, at all.

across the river

The biggest change in the aging process that I've noticed is healing. Whether it's a cut or a minor scrape. In the past (meaning 2 years ago) in as little as 3 days to a week, my skin was healed. Now even  minor scrapes can take a 4 to 6 weeks for the scab (sorry if you're grossed out by the term) to fall off. Then the skin still isn't really healed. I've always heard that once our bodies stop growing, they start dying. I don't know how scientifically true that is, but it kind of makes sense. Unless you take in to count the cell regeneration process. Anyway, I guess it's more of a reality check to not take life for granted. Enjoy everything that I can, because I won't have the opportunity forever. Even though I fully intend to live to 92. Plus, think about what you can accomplish a lot in 92 years. Wouldn't it be nice if we had control over that?

tree tops

One of the shelter dogs that I walk is 8 years old, showing one of the classic signs of canine aging. She is grey around the muzzle, and on the tops of her feet, greatly highlighted by her black coat. But that is it. You can't tell her that she is getting older. She is slim, and muscular. Her energy and strength are that of a 2 year old. She would be able to outrun, and walk longer than any puppy (or human) that she encounters. I swear every time I mention her energy level for her age,  she just looks at me like, "and... I'm alive, let's go!". Walking these dogs have certainly reminded me how important it is to stay active and healthy for anything that comes my way.

grey feet
See the grey on her feet.

I'm starting a bee count for the remainder of the warm season.

Weekly Bee Count: 4 bumble bees; 0 honey bees

Till next time,