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I hope that everyone had a great holiday weekend! For some of you, it is extending into today. Enjoy it! My Canada day was...the same as usual. Cooking at home, no parades or large crowds. I'm okay with that. Although it wasn't super hot out, like in previous years. I saw the fireworks, for a few seconds, from my balcony. Good enough. I heard the Skytrain was a nightmare as usual. Busy, packed etc.

July 4th/Independence day is tomorrow for my American neighbours & family. Stay safe and have fun. Hopefully, you will enjoy your holiday as well.

I would love to hear about what you did or are going to be doing for your country's celebrations. If you are from another part of the world are there any holidays that are occurring around this same time or that have just passed? Please let me know in the comment section.

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This weekend is going to be a**kicking hot. So, there won't be any outdoor festivities at the park for Canada Day (Sunday). Have fun, those of you who are braving it! It's going to be pretty low key for me. Food on the grill, dessert, a small fire-pit & whomever decides to come over.

For some reason yoga is kicking my butt, this week. It use to be so easy for me. Not so much anymore. Any way I'm working through it. Pain, fatigue & all. Some days 10 minutes is all that I can give. Other days it's more. I do what I can, by how I feel each day.

Kai wanted to get her yogi on as well, as you can see below. Of course only after I wiped down my mat.

Enjoy Friday & Bonne fête du Canada (Sunday)! (Happy Canada Day!) to my fellow Canadians & to those celebrating with us! Any plans this holiday weekend?

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