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Happy 1st day of Summer!

The goslings, are almost grown up. They were running, wanting nothing to do with me. They probably thought I wanted to steal their babies.

june 18 2014 3

Just a couple of weeks ago. Two families sharing the space.

June 6 3

Some ducklings and their mom. Dad was lagging behind, with a couple other ducklings.

june 20 2014 4


june 19 2014

Some pictures of the pot garden, herbs, tomatoes, greens. One of the few good things about the hot weather.

garden june 19 2014 2 garden june 19 2014

I canned some hot peppers last night, using some fresh lemon thyme. I won't know if they're any good, because I want to let them sit for a couple of months. It's fun to me. It's also hit or miss, but when it's a hit, it's a hit.

pickled banana peppers

Kai in a box. Why not. Earlier in the week, during a very hot day, I thought she got outside. I was in a full grown panic, digging in bushes and calling for her. This was where she was, all four flaps of the box down.

june 19 2014 6

Otherwise life is chugging along. School is still my main priority, I'm determined to make it a success, even if it takes 2 years off of my life. Which I think it has. Using the non-creative part of my brain is not the norm for me.

Till next time,