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Expensive pet toys. Are they really necessary? Don't get me wrong, I saw the latest products that Martha Stewart has rolled out & they're very nice. But I can tell you I won't be purchasing any of her or other pet product brands unless they are at least 50% off. Anyone with pets knows how they can tear apart a toys in a few hours.

Several weeks ago I discovered a pet section, small but there, at the local $ store. Who knew? I didn't. For me the dollar store is where I buy light bulbs, duck tape, gum, things of that nature. At the pet stores you can easily spend 4-5 times that amount for almost the same item.

The food dispenser that I found has 2 sizes of square openings to put the treats in. You can twist the ball, to vary the size of the 2 openings. The bottom opens up & you just drop in the food or treats. Turn until you hear a click.

After letting Kai at the dispenser, I discovered that she has officially grown into her grown-up, cat self. If the opening I choose is too small, she gives up & lies down. If I'm in the room, she looks up at me, meows, and rubs up against my legs. Like I'm supposed to get her treats out for her.

I give the Active Eats, Toy & Dry Food Dispenser 4 out of 5 & a No Thanks to expensive pet toys, unless they're on sale.

Do you get the cheapest, yet safe, toys for your pets? Or do you go all out, with the name brands & extra expense? Or do you go the homemade route?

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