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I purchased this cat hammock at Giant Tiger in Ontario, towards the end part of 2014. So this is a 2 year-ish follow up. (I can't remember the exact month, but it was cold outside.) I paid just under $20 before taxes.

It does come in a few pieces. But it only took about 5 minutes to put together. You do have to make sure that the window and suctions are clean, dry and free from debris, moisture or any oils. This is remedied with a quick wipe down with rubbing alcohol.

It had to pass the first test of a sand-filled exercise ball. Which was left in place for 2 days straight, passing the test.


This window hammock is great if you don't have a lot of floor space or if you want to give your cat a higher/different view. They get bored, just like we do, so this is an inexpensive way to get their minds going. I'm so glad that I purchased this because now that I live in an apartment vs. a house, Kai's views are cut down by at least 2/3.


One side has a little more wear than the other but it is not even close to falling apart. Nothing that a snip with scissors won't fix. The hammock is still going strong, after constant sun and against a cold window.

Rating:  🌑🌑🌑🌑🌓


You can purchase this cat hammock at amazon.ca, just click one of the links below. There are a few versions to choose from, depending on what your budget is.

Oster Sunny Seat Window Cat Bed or Sunny Seat Window Mount Cat Hammock Comfortable Cat Pet or SaveOnMany ® Sunny Window Seat Cat Bed Perch

Most of the time she uses the hammock for new views. Other times, not so much.




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