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I don’t see why the public is making such a big deal about this issue. It’s their establishment. If those are the rules they want to implement, that’s their prerogative.

I think the real reason behind all the banning of children, in general, is because they are not being taught how to act in public. There are always the parents who do teach their children how to be respectful of others. That the world does not revolve around them. Many parents these days do not. It may because when they were going up, their were too many rules and they want to be more relaxed parents. I don't know, I'm  just guessing as to the many reasons why kids seem to get away with being disrespectful in general.

When I was growing up going to a restaurant was a prized privilege. If you misbehaved that privilege was taken away. My mom worked full-time, so the time we got to spend with her was special. I did not want to get left at home because I couldn't control my impulses. Or worse yet, none of us got to go out because of my bad behaviour.

It was very rare that I saw other kids misbehaving in restaurants. If I did, even as a kid, I wondered what was wrong with them and why are they acting like that. I understand that there are special-needs kids out there and they can’t for the most part control their behaviour. I’m talking about the kids whose parents just can’t be bothered to parent.
As an adult I've walked out of family-style restaurants because it was too noisy and chaotic. Screaming, yelling, running around, that was enough for me. I turned around and got back in the car.

That is not my reality. I know that parents are used to a certain amount of noise level, so they learn how to tune it out. I also know that kids make noise and the days of being seen and not heard are over with but I don’t want to patronize your establishment where kids kicking the back of my booth is the norm.

If I’m out with friends and family that have kids, I know what I’m in for and will deal with it. If I’m out with adults, I like the option of childless restaurant and that’s okay. Most cities have more restaurants then they can handle, so finding a child friendly restaurant for families should not be a problem.

My favourite excuses from parents as to why they don't correct their children:

  • “I don’t want to crush their spirits.” Having them act like they were raised by human beings is NOT crushing their little spirits. It’s teaches them boundaries and the basic rules of society. Good luck with that crap when they have to get a job. Their asses will be fired almost as soon as their hired. Or at the very least they won’t get the promotion they feel they deserve because they get on every one's last nerve.
  • “You can’t tell my children what to do.” Really, when you leave them in my care I’m in charge. I’m not going to beat your children but if they act up you better believe I will tell them off. If you don’t like it, find someone else to look after them.

One person who tells it like it is, is my aunt. In many ways, it drives me crazy how outspoken she is, but when it comes to kids, we are on the same page. In her house there are rules. If you don’t want to follow them, don’t come back. True story:

There were some kids jumping on her white furniture, with their muddy outside shoes on. It left marks on the couch and she went ballistic. Rightfully so. Who doesn't give their kids a talk before they go to someone’s house? She told the kids off, and they had to sit quietly for the rest of their stay until the mother came back. She told the mother, “if you don’t teach your children how to act in other people’s houses, don’t bring them back here. And if you don’t like how I talk to them you don’t have to come back either.” The mother was not happy, but too bad. If your happy with your children destroying your home, good for you. That doesn't give them the right to destroy mine. Bad-ass kids and lazy, passive parents.

The banning of children on airplanes is a little harder, because there are fewer choices for good, quality airlines. It’s not necessarily fair to the coach passengers either. Just because they can’t afford to pay for a business class ticket, doesn't mean they should be subjected to screaming babies and children. I do have a little sympathy for parents on this one because flying is the fastest and easiest way to get across country. They want to get to their destination just as quickly as you the childless ones do.

I've also heard of childless weddings. Specifically small, intimate evening and night time weddings. Mind you, in my opinion it doesn't matter when or how big your wedding is. It’s your wedding, if you don’t want kids there, that’s your choice and prerogative. Guests can choose to go, or not to go. My mom, always took us with her, when going to weddings, picnics, etc. If there was a no kids policy, she didn't go. Life moves on. She didn't try to guilt the person, or tell them it’s not right to ban kids. She sucked it up and enjoyed the rest of her weekend with us.

Back to the topic at hand. Who wants to bring children to afternoon and evening weddings anyway. Don’t most kids nap at some time in the day. And aren't most kids in bed by 7:30, 8:00 anyway. Having kids whining, crying, and generally misbehaving because their tired is a great backdrop to one of the most important days of your life. Isn't it just common sense?
I do realise that paying for babysitters just isn't in the budget for a lot of people. That sucks and I’m sorry but sometimes we have to miss out on fun events in life. If someone states, "Sorry but this is a child free wedding," then that’s the way it is.

What are your thoughts on banning children from certain places?

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