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Gin is my favourite hard liquor. Does that make me an old lady? Oh well, I enjoy it. Vodka, I just wanted to try another hard liquor, for this DIY project. I didn't make the Gin or Vodka (I'm not that good, yet). The DIY is adding the cherry flavour. Watch the (sped up) 4-ish month process, here.

What I like about the end result:

The cherry flavour, in both the gin & vodka, was amazing. Nice and strong.

The lime rind infused into the vodka was tasty as well. Not overwhelming or bitter at all. I might even add a little more next time. Maybe try some other citrus rinds.

What I would change:

I would only do gin next time. The vodka was good but why not stick with my favourite spirit?

I would use half the amount of sugar. Maybe experimenting with no sugar for half of a batch. It was too sweet, which I expected but I add a lot of ice, to tamp down the sweetness.

Would I do this again? Yes

Some ingredients that I use, online: 

Yupik Organic Cane Sugar, 1Kg & Norpro Natural Cheese Cloth

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