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I finally started volunteer dog-walking at the Humane Society and I love it! I get fresh air & exercise. I get to enjoy dogs, without the responsibility or cost. I also get a reprieve from my thoughts. I plan on going 2 times per week, for at least an hour each time. I'll see how the body holds up. But an hour for sure is pretty good, I think. I feel pretty good about getting the dogs out of their cages for a bit. Away from the noise and stress, where they can feel the sun on their skin & enjoy the fresh air.

at the park june 1 2014 4

This guy is not so big on walks, as belly rubs. He's a cutie though.

June 4

This guy was awesome to walk!

June 6 4

 The goslings are getting nice & big!June 6 3

Jack the cat (from the garden centre), just because. Plus he was awake for the first time that I've seen him this year.

Jack the cat 2014

I hope to make it out to Art Walk, this weekend. The weather is supposed to be perfect.

at the park june 1 2014

School is still continuing. Tougher then ever, but there's not much I can do about that, expect to do the best that I can & try to stay positive.

Iced Green Tea & another batch of banana oatmeal muffins.

green iced tea banana muffins

Book of the Week: The Amazing Absorbing Boy, by Rabindranath Maharaj. An immigrant story about a teenager from Trinidad, who comes to Canada reunited with his absentee father. It's  interesting so far, I'll let you know my thoughts when I'm finished reading it.

Till next time,


If you've read my blog in the past or know me personally, you know that I'm a lover of many animals. What urged me to write this was hearing and reading story after story, on an almost daily basis, of people getting rid of their pets because they didn't like the not so pleasant side of being a animal guardian. Bringing an animal into your household should not be taken lightly. This isn't meant to be a lecture but I truly believe this is important food for thought. Shelters, especially at this time of year are full and many have stopped taking in animals for the season. If they do take them and they are a kill shelter, well the animals time on earth is limited.


If your not prepared for the following to happen, (and there are many more) you should think twice or more about becoming a pet guardian. I'm going to reference cats and dogs because they are the most common pets. I'll also add that these are worst case scenarios. Not every pet does them and many can be trained to not do them. But if any of these look like you can't deal with them...Please leave them where they are.

  • Jumping on tables or kitchen counters. Don't get me wrong, I don't like Kai the cat to be on the kitchen counter. After all she steps in her used toilet. When she does I put her on the floor, disinfect the counter and move on.
  • Chewing, especially in kittens and puppies. It will happen, but it's our job to redirect it until the phase passes, hopefully. You will have to ties up cords, keep the trash closed and away. Kind of like having a kid, some changes have to be made until the pet is older and trained. Some changes are forever, because many pets never stop chewing anything that they can get their teeth on.
  • Sitting and sleeping on couches or chairs. I don't care about this at all, but I know some people go crazy. When I vacuum, I vacuum the furniture anyway. The spots that she sleeps on, I put a blanket or towel over, because of the hair and drool. Yes, she drools when she sleeps. Blankets and towels are easy to throw in the washing machine.


  • #1 and #2, outside of the litter box or backyard/on the daily walk. It's a given that none of us want this to happen. Getting those stains and smells out of the rug is almost impossible. Unfortunately age, medical conditions, or stress can cause this to occur. Check with your vet if your charge is eliminating where they normally do not.
  • Shedding hair. Unless you have the hairless variety, hair will be in random places. Stuck to your lip gloss, under contact lens, baked in a pizza crust, a random hair ball floating across the floor. It happens. Especially in the summer time. If any of the scenarios gross you out, keep thinking about it.
  • Barking or meowing, a lot. That's what dogs do, it's how they communicate. Many disagree, but that's my thought on that. They may also be bored or very territorial. If you're not sure, check with your vet or a local dog trainer. Cats that meow a lot are usually bored. Spend 5-10 minutes playing at the beginning and end of each day and you should see a difference. I know I did.
  • Your house smells differently. It doesn't have to, nor would I want it to smell like a barnyard, but it will smell differently. If you have a few animals, you'll probably have to clean more frequently. If that's not your thing, keep thinking about it.


Were there any surprises that bothered you or was a deal breaker, when it came to becoming a pet guardian?

Till next time,