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the-unofficial-fallThe unofficial start of Fall. Kai has graced my bedroom with her presence, for the first time since the end of last Winter. A new/old sleeping buddy. Claps for getting woken up several times during the night.


big-boy-09-17-2014 big-boy-09-17-2014-3

If I had my farm, this big boy ("B.J.") would be coming home with me. He's huge, beautiful, a great walker, listens well. He is the s**t. I love big dogs and I love that I chose to dog walk.

I'm still in the process of figuring a good schedule for this online schooling. I think that I will be spending 1-2 days at the public library, getting my weekly reading done. I just don't think that I have a comfortable work space set up. Who knows? I'm trying.

Weekly Bee Count: 21: bumble bees; 11: honey bees; 0: unknown bee species; 0 monarch butterflies I'm assuming this will probably be the last couple weeks of the bees gathering their winter stores. Good luck bee friends, I hope to see you in the Spring. Seriously I pray that you come back and do not lose half or more of your colony over the Winter.

Till next time,