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In all his glory.

I came across French singer-guitarist-songwriter, Marianne Aya Omac on Des Kiwis et des hommes, one morning ( couple of months ago now). I'm usually working for a couple hours by this time but this morning I'm so glad I changed my routine. My French is very rough and stale, for now, but the little bit that I retained from school got me through the broadcast. Not that language is that important when it comes to music. For me it's the feeling that I get. Does it give me goosebumps? Does it intrigue me? A yes to all of it. I must also add that she reminded me of a female, yet eclectic version of Bobby McFerrin.

Marianne Aya Omac is a solo artist whose music is sung in English, French and Spanish. Her music has a heavy Flamenco, Gospel influence. An interesting music mix, but I like different styles of music, not just what's playing on the radio. So if you like to try new styles of music, hers is a CD you should check out.

You can go here to listen to her latest album "Solo" or purchase it. (Available in CD format?) A taste of her live show, here.

I give "Solo" a 4 out of 5 (& of course the goose-bumps).

Song of the Day:  Don't Worry, Be Happy - Best of Bobby McFerrin  'Don't Worry Be Happy' - Bobby McFerrin, Best of Bobby McFerrin, 1996, Blue Note Records. Click here to see the video of 'Don't Worry Be Happy'.(Links may not work in all countries.)

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