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To have that on your property, I'd love it!

Downton Abbey- Season 2, Episode 6

It takes 2 to tangle but I knew that maid (I forget her name) was up for anything with Robert. I was shocked that Robert would want to have an affair (almost), since he seemed so devoted & in love with his wife. But I had to remind myself that affairs with the staff was the norm.

What I don't understand was the sudden & unexplained rift between Robert & Cora. They seemed to have a great marriage and than all of a sudden Robert seems like he can't stand the sight of her. This was the first crack in the plot line as far as I'm concerned. It seemed like the writers didn't know how else to explain Robert's betrayal with the maid. Yes, Cora wants to be more useful since the war ended & Robert now feels useless but the story line was weak.

I'm glad that the youngest daughter, Sybil is going off with her man to make a new life for herself. It's just interesting that her American mother moved across the world for a title to a stranger and Sybil is leaving her title & money for love. Let's hope Sybil & Tom get married and make a good life together.

Sir Richard is a scoundrel and Mary is in it for life. Too late for her. Like I said last week, she had her chance. Let's hope her fiance doesn't turn into a wife beater with several mistresses on the side. I hope Carson decides to leave with Mary. At least she'll have one soft place to fall. I do think Richard's plan was to make Carson not want to work with them in his & Mary's household. Very devious by bringing in housemaid Anna.

Now the staff expect Daisy to visit with her father-in-law on a regular basis. Come on Daisy, build up that backbone. I want to smack Mrs. Patmore & tell her to mind her own business.

Thomas, it's called karma. I don't feel bad for him in the least bit. Black market goods & dealing with a scoundrel like himself. Of course he got ripped off.

Lavinia would have made such a good wife for Matthew and they genuinely cared for each other. Matthew is mad now that Lavinia is dead, but he'll be swooning over Mary soon enough.

Bates & Anna got married & I'm so happy. I'm not quite sure what's going on with Bates though. Is he distressed because his wife is dead or did he do something? Or is it guilt over bringing rat poison into the house? Now that Bates is arrested I guess it will soon come out in the wash.

Can't wait for next weeks Christmas special episode!

What are your thoughts on this weeks episode?

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54th Grammys & what I enjoyed.

Bonnie Raitt & Alicia Keys. Great performance on Bonnie Raitt's part. I forgot how amazingly rich, powerful & easy her vocals are. Her voice was suited to Etta James music style & the song 'Sunday Kind Of Love'. I used to listen to Bonnie Raitt all the time when I was growing up.

The Civil Wars, great as always. I really enjoy their style of music & their way of performing. 4 Grammy wins.

Jennifer Hudson singing 'I Will Always Love You', gave me goosebumps. I'm not one to gush over "celebrities" but Whitney Houston's death kind of rocked me. Not because of her, because I didn't know her but because of the impact & the place that her music held in my heart from when I was a young child.

Lastly, Adele who won 6 Grammys last night. Of course I'm thrilled because her music is amazing. The personality that we get to see is down to earth & what many of us can relate to. Her performance started off a bit shaky but she pulled it together by the second half. Yep, I was clapping along with the rest of the audience at the end of her performance. It'll only get better for Adele once she starts performing again in public, on a regular basis.

Did you enjoy the Grammys or not watch at all?

Song of the Day:Angel from Montgomery - Tribute to Steve Goodman 'Angel From Montgomery', Bonnie Riatt & John Prine, Tribute to Steve Goodman, 1985, Red Pajamas Records. Live version of 'Angel From Montgomery'. (Links may not work in all countries.)

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