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the-unofficial-fallThe unofficial start of Fall. Kai has graced my bedroom with her presence, for the first time since the end of last Winter. A new/old sleeping buddy. Claps for getting woken up several times during the night.


big-boy-09-17-2014 big-boy-09-17-2014-3

If I had my farm, this big boy ("B.J.") would be coming home with me. He's huge, beautiful, a great walker, listens well. He is the s**t. I love big dogs and I love that I chose to dog walk.

I'm still in the process of figuring a good schedule for this online schooling. I think that I will be spending 1-2 days at the public library, getting my weekly reading done. I just don't think that I have a comfortable work space set up. Who knows? I'm trying.

Weekly Bee Count: 21: bumble bees; 11: honey bees; 0: unknown bee species; 0 monarch butterflies I'm assuming this will probably be the last couple weeks of the bees gathering their winter stores. Good luck bee friends, I hope to see you in the Spring. Seriously I pray that you come back and do not lose half or more of your colony over the Winter.

Till next time,


Fall officially started this past Saturday & so far I love it. Here's what I love about fall (I was thinking of writing autumn, but who am I kidding. I don't think I've ever said autumn out loud in my life. Well, until I'm reading this out loud, anyway...)

  • The cool, crisp weather. Breathing in that air is great.
  • The late sunrises. Especially great, when you can sleep in.
  • The bugs burrowing away. Wherever they go, peace be with them.
  • The fashions look & feel better to me.
  • The leaves are dying, but the colour change is beautiful.

What do you love about fall?

I'm also trying something new in my diet, to help with my Fibromyalgia symtoms. It's called maca root and it's used for various other aliments like infertility & libido. I've been adding a tsp of it to my daily protein shakes. I'll see in 30 days or so, if I have more energy & less of this soul-sucking fatigue.

I've also heard about consuming a low oxalate diet, to help with Fibromyalgia symptoms. Spinach, which I add to my protein shakes are apparently very high in oxalates. But then spinach is another good source of vegetable protein. I can't seem to win with the food. But one thing at a time. Here is an article on Fibromyalgia and Oxalates, from http://restormedicine.com.

Has anyone had any success with maca root, or a low oxalate diet?

This week is also continued editing of my short story, and studying for my writing course final. The course went by quicker than I thought, it feels like I just started it. More on my thoughts, after my final exam.

Till next time,