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Downton Abby: Season 2, Episode 7 'Christmas 1919'. A 2 hour episode but worth the loss of sleep.

Episode 7  started out with the Servants Ball, which was a little awkward to watch but a tradition for households that valued & respected their employees. Poor Matthew got stuck with dancing with miserable O'Brien for most of his time at the ball. Granny (Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham) seemed like she was going to make a stink about dancing with Thomas Barrow but I think she enjoys the Servants Ball.

Richard Carlisle's incessant whining because it was tradition for the family to serve themselves 2 stinking meals a year was driving me nuts. I wanted to chop him in the throat. He would be the worst employer to work for. Although he came from nothing & worked his way up Richard has little respect for those "lower" than himself.

I'm so glad Lord Grantham knows the truth about Mary & her tryst. He knew something wasn't right about Mary & Carlisle's relationship. He may not be happy with the way things are developing in the lives of his children but he is coming to realise, that life is not about him alone. Happiness is more important than money. Cora just wants her family connected & at peace. She may not always be happy with how her children live their lives but happiness is important to her.

The John Bates trial is semi-concluded & his sentence was changed from hanging for "willful murder" to a life sentence. Although in that time the hanging might have been better because of the deplorable conditions in prisons. I still think that Mr. Carlisle had something to do with the death of the 1st Mrs. Bates. You could tell that she rubbed plenty of people the wrong way in her lifetime.

It's a shame about Lady Rosamund love life had no real chance, you could tell  Mr. Hepworth(?) was a scoundrel from the beginning. Of course Granny was the first to sniff out his deceit. Lady Rosamund wanted companionship, he wanted her money. I knew the minute I saw that maid, Ms. Shaw(?) that she was up to no good.

I don't know if I like the storyline with Daisy & Mr. Mason. I also don't like how the staff are pressuring her to keep up the charade of devotion to the dead William Mason & his living father. The only satisfying conclusion to that storyline is Daisy now has a family of sorts, that she can depend on. By the way, Mrs. Patmore can go jump in a cold lake. Stay out of other people's business Mrs. P.

Mary & Matthew (sigh), the 2 of them are a hot mess. So I'm not giving their storyline a "happily ever after" just yet. I'm glad that Matthew could get over Mary's indiscretions & his own pride. But there always seems to be something getting in the way of the two of them being happy. It was a nice way to end the season, I'll give the writers that.

I can't wait for Season 3. It will be interesting to see where the writers take the story. Will Mary & Matthew have a 'happily ever after'? Will Sybil's life with Tom Branson be a hardship or something that she falls comfortably into? Will Bates spend the rest of his life in jail leaving Anna to live life alone? Will Granny continue to come up with her zingers? Last night's "Do you promise?" When Richard Carlisle said she probably would not be seeing him again was a classic. Violet may be a hard ass but she loves her family & will do what she can to protect them.

*Family Day. Practiced in only 5 countries & within those 5 countries very few provinces & states celebrate the day. I hope everyone who is lucky enough to get the day off is enjoying it & spending some time with family & friends. Hopefully I can get in a round of Scrabble or UNO.

Are you doing anything for Family Day today?

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