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My Soul To Take, by Tananarive Due, the conclusion(?) to the African Immortals Series.

Who decides what is right or wrong for human civilization? Does having immortality & supernatural gifts, give someone rights and privileges over those who don't?

The time as come for the immortal born Fana to take a role of leadership with the Life Brothers, wanted or not. Except she isn't the only immortally born. There is another like her, stronger, older & they are "destined" to be mates & lead together. Fana is content with intermingling with mortals, helping & healing them with her gifts. Micheal would do away with them but for the ones he deems worthy. Once they are married they will be even more powerful & lead civilization to a new way of life. Except that Fana thinks she can persuade Michel to come to her side. He thinks the same of her.

Goodness, family & friends on her side, Fana needs them as much as she needs Michel.

Michel is more powerful but it was gained through sinister means & evil people.

Death, betrayal, finding out whose side everyone is on becomes a roller coaster ride in My Soul To Take. Will civilization rise or fall when the Fana & Michel take their "rightful" place in the world?

I'm pretty happy with the conclusion of the series because I thought the storyline was going in a different direction. Mind you I think the characters also thought that they were going in a different direction. I'm constantly humbled & awed by the writing skills of Tananarive Due. Pick up one of her books or borrow one from your local library. If your into thriller &  supernatural genres, you'll be hooked.
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My Soul To Take receives 4.5 out 5. My one issue is with the publishing house not printing this book in hardcover. It kinda of ruins my collection. I don't normally purchase paperback, which proves how much I enjoy Tananarive Due's writing.

The 3 previous books in the African Immortal Series:
Blood Colony: A Novel
The Living Blood
My Soul to Keep

Are you into the thriller/supernatural genre? If so, who are your favourite authors?

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