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This past week has been continued catch up of school work, with an upswing. I'm unofficially finished 1 of my courses, which leaves 5 more to complete. End date is December 16th, and I'm doing my best to finish before then. It's been long days and nights but I'm doing my best to plough through, so I can have one less weight upon my shoulders. Breathing room, or grieving room, which I can not do right now. I need to finish all of my courses with great marks. Passing, no matter how bad the circumstances, is not good enough for me.

I'm going through the last of my mom's homemade bread, from the freezer. This means super thin slices, so it lasts as long as possible. This week it's been her fennel bread. Who knew bread could make me cry. The fennel bread is so good with pepperpot at Christmas time. None of that this year, because that was one of the dishes I was still getting yearly lessons on.


The kennels are full at my local humane society, again. It's so odd, how one week the kennels are almost empty, to being full the next. Sad and kind of depressing. Below is one of the dogs, I had the pleasure of walking this week. Not a fan of the clipped ears, because it looked like the "owners" did it. I wish people would not clip ears. Another rant for another day. I swear I have full conversations with the dogs. Sometimes I forget that I'm in public, until someone comes up behind me. Who knows what they think, but whatever, the dogs seem to enjoy my ramblings.


Till next time,