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-Fall is officially here in BC. Well, in my part of BC at least. The rainy season has begun but I'm not complaining. The earth needs it and it's better than snow. The sun is setting earlier, which means I have to hustle to get my errands finished earlier. Finally, the leaves are changing into the amazing colour spectrum of reds, yellows, oranges and browns. It's not perfect but Fall remains my favourite time of year.

-I haven't been taking as many walks as I normally would have at this time of year but that will change. The hot weather has passed so there is no excuse. Well, the rain is a bit of an excuse. There really is no "singing in the rain" & jumping through puddles when it's 8°C.😂

-It's also Friday the 13th today. Is today an unlucky day for you? For me, it's always been lucky & mostly uneventful. I'm thankful for that. Have a great Friday & weekend, everyone!

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