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This week has flown by far too quickly. A few extra hours in the day would not be frowned upon. I have been enjoying this warmer weather, but I pretty sure that it's done now.

House is up for sale, again. Hoping for a quick & painless sale. The process is annoying and tiring but when I get aggravated and impatient with the process, I have to remember that it's a means to an end.

My mom is going through chemotherapy again. This is the third time that the cancer is back, in an old and new place. I'm trying not to stress and worry because it won't do me any good. I'm just pushing ahead and taking things one day at a time. Or some days one hour at a time.


I'm concentrating on finishing school with good grades. Currently, classes are going well. Java is the most difficult, but I will get through it. I'm thinking about business plans/employment plans. I'm trying to finish my book. I'm dealing with my mom's illness and all that it entails. It's a lot. At times like this I know why people have personal assistants, or just walk away. But it's life and I know this is making me stronger and preparing me for what the future holds.

Green, although it looks brown.
Green, although it looks brown.

In the middle of all this, I'm sick with some virus. Which if I don't have time for. Being around someone with a compromised immune system is nerve-wracking, to say the least. I'm drinking my green juice, taking Oil of Oregano, a spray or 2 of silver water, and my regular vitamins. But this is the first or second (I can't remember) time that I'm grateful for online classes. I can work from the couch, in pyjamas, and have a nap in the middle of the day, if need be. Wow, this is a depressing post, but it's life. Hopefully, things will pick up by next week.


Weekly Bee Count: 2: bumble bees; 7: honey bees; 0: unknown bee species; 3 monarch butterflies

Till next time,


I will say that school is getting more challenging as the semester continues, but I'm starting to build websites that I will be able to use in the very near future. I'm excited about that aspect of it and am enjoying it, but it can suck time like the sandman.

 water drops

I think my volunteering is going to have to be Friday mornings until the end of the semester. I have too much work to do, that needs all of my other hours. Next semester should be a little better, since all of my courses will be online and I'll be able to set my own schedule.

I'm trying a gluten free pizza crust for tonight's dinner. I used a bunch of different flours, threw it together and am hoping for the best. Kind of like many aspects of my life.

Gluten free pizza crust

The pot garden is coming along nicely. It's so nice to go out every morning and clip kale, or chives or whatever to use with breakfast or dinner. I will be using some of the ingredients on top of tonight's pizza.

DSC00875june 27 2014

I'm off, to enjoy the dogs, then back to the school grind. Is it bad that I wake up and soon after think about bed time? I guess that's a sign that I'm not getting enough sleep or down time.

Till next time,