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`If you celebrate the holidays how are you coping? Maxin' & relaxing because you're not hosting & are dreaming about how many slices of your aunt's famous pie you're going to eat? Or is the stress gearing up because you are hosting 25 relatives at your new place, for the first time? The holidays are pretty tame since I moved out west. The family that would usually get together are on the eastern side of the continent, so that option is out, this year. I'm getting back into the swing of the holidays, without my mom. I refuse to be sad. I'm making new memories & being grateful for past ones. Life is to be lived, even if sadness flutters through. Happiness, peace & contentment is all I want for Christmas.🙏🏾 Whoever wants to come along for the ride is more than welcome!😊

Guyanese Black Cake
Black cake, a Guyanese version of fruitcake. Darker, richer and boozier.

`Today is #NationalBrownieDay. Check out my Mom's recipe here. The printable version is here. Do you like your brownies at room temperature or warm from the oven? Plain or with a scoop of your favourite ice cream?

Chocolate Brownie

`My free shipping sale continues, along with the giveaway! Both end Dec, 15th, 11:59 PM PST. Don't forget to shop early, so your package can arrive in time for Christmas! (Dec 11th for standard shipping according to Canada Post.)

*If you live in the Metro-Vancouver area, contact me for pickup locations, if you want to avoid the post.*

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