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Started as it should. Patch jobs, covering multi-coloured art.

I should probably preface this by saying we were left to make sure these projects were completed, hopefully by the time the homeowner comes back.

He was found through several recommendations by friends/acquaintances who have/had used him several times in the past.

Do they treat females clients differently than male clients? I seriously think if there was a man in the house during this time I would not be writing this.

Isn't a verbal agreement as legitimate as a written agreement? Spoke to him several times about what work needed to be done but he left without finishing a smaller task (before I realised, it was late at night). I didn't think twice about it because over the last several weeks, he would come back the next afternoon or early on Saturday morning to finish the task. (Hoping he'll return the phone call, but I'm hoping we see him Saturday morning.)

If the paint job, does not look good and definitely needs another coat of paint should you have to pay them more, even if the price was previously agreed upon? I would think not. If a price is set, then the job is complete when it looks right. Should it not be obvious to the painter that the job was not complete? He did finish after the sun was set and the paint was still wet.

Note the bottom of picture above baseboard, uneven, old colour bleeding through.
All the covers put back on, still uneven painting, bleeding through of old colour.

After a message is left with them and they don't get back to you, how much time should you give before calling back?I would think getting back to someone within 24 hours in a business setting is appropriate, unless they let you know that they don't return phone calls on the weekend or after certain hours.

Trying to give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that he's just busy and we're in a long line of clients. He does work during the day/weekday at a full-time job. Also going to assume that he doesn't want his reputation ruined. Let's hope we don't have to fight, because I don't have the energy or the time. But I guess we'll have to find the time if this turns ugly.

Why don't I do it myself, you ask?

  • I'm not that good at a lot of the repairs that need to be made.
  • I'm extremely busy with work.
  • Physically at this point in time, larger, time-consuming jobs are not possible for me various reasons (I'll probably talk about this at a later date).

I personally have very little experience in dealing with trades people. It's uncomfortable for me (and I would think for many others) to deal with strangers being in your house, dealing with money etc. And of course if the job is not what you expected it to be, that just takes it to another level.

I'm going to turn this into a positive and use this as a good lesson for the future, when I build my own home. A few repairs are nothing in comparison to starting from the ground up. Plus, it's what I can't do myself.

What have your worst experiences with handymen been?

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