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You take for granted the small things in life. In this case, having a working printer. Oh, to not have to go to a store, or library to pay $0.25$, or more a page. Forget if you make a mistake. So I'm enjoying having the option of printing in my own home. It's the small things.

Today is Human Right's Day. This years' theme is "20 Years Working for Your Rights". I'm thankful that I live in a country where I don't have to fight for my basic human rights, on a daily basis. I'm grateful that I can speak & write what is on my mind, without fear of persecution or death. I'm thankful that there are warriors who work on a daily basis to bring these right's to people around the world, every single day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is also International Animal Rights Day. I'm not a vegetarian, nor will I lie and say that I adore every non-human creature that is in existence, but I try to have compassion. From not killing spiders or weird little bugs. Just leaving them where they are, unless that means in my bed, to helping the furry animals that I can. Purchasing animal products (to eat) from sources that treat the animals in an ethical manner. Yes, that can happen if you look hard enough. Of course most of the meat and products come from deplorable sources & circumstances, but not all of them. But that's an entire post, in itself. I do the best that I can, at this time in my life.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAre you doing anything or have you in the past for Human Rights Day or International Animal Rights Day?

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Good Monday morning/afternoon/evening everyone!

  • Today is also International Animal Rights Day. Yay animals! Pretty neat that humans and animals share get to share such an important day. Of course we are all animals. Some of us just communicate and think in different ways. Learn more @internationalanimalrightsday.org

This weekend was okay. I did get to go to the Artwalk but it was so small. I don't know if more people were involved on Friday because of First Friday but Saturday was a little disappointing. There were not a lot of businesses/vendors involved.

I also think the cold and wanting to get out from it made our family not want to stay that long. I saw a few ice sculptures being made and then I forgot to go back and see the finished products. I was disappointed about that. Plus, when other people are whining that they want to leave, that doesn't make staying very fun. Now I know why many people prefer to go to events by themselves. Not that I have a problem with doing things by myself. I do that often but it's just nice to interact with your family every once in a while.

There was another opportunity at the festival to ride a horse drawn carriage but every time we went out to hop on to the carriage it was full with the next group of people. It was cold and I said, "forget it, let's go". There was no way that I was standing out with that extra cold & wind chill whipping up my back and inside my ear canals. I was done.

I do feel conflicted about horse drawn carriages even though horses are big, strong beasts. I don't know if the horses had their heads down because of the cold wind or because they were getting tired. Who knows. I just had to content myself with the the view of them trotting down the street. I absolutely love horses and can not remember, not loving them. I use to bring home book after book from the library about horses and spend hours reading and re-reading them. When our small libraries ran out of horse related material I was so disappointed. I totally remember that feeling of disappointment. My love of horses has continued to this day and if I ever get the opportunity to care for a horse it will be a rescue or a retired animal.

Unfinished ice sculpture
Making the turn. Beautiful animals!

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