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Happy 7th (44th) birthday Stinky, aka Fluffy Butt, Bo-Bo, Crusty-Butt. Kai is older than I am, now. She’s healthy, even after a minor health scare, earlier this year. She still has her spaz sprints around the apartment, a couple of times a day. She still loves to play and has settled in after our big move across the country. She's had to get used to way less space and less wild life, to dream about devouring outside of her many windows. She helped to save me, literally. The story that is written and will come out and for that I will be forever grateful for her beautiful soul. Even when that beautiful soul is grumpy and wants to be left alone. Happy birthday my beautiful Kai Kai.





I know Kai misses this tree & all of the daily, critter action.
I know Kai misses this tree & all of the daily, critter action.

Kai's 6th birthday here.

My latest podcast Episode 20- "Genuine Happiness"

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