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I just wanted something crunchy, sweet, salty and not completely unhealthy. Yes, it has sugar and the nuts have fat but in moderation it's okay.

I got the recipe from About.com, under Sweet and Spicy Candied Pecans and made some modifications of my own.

I used almonds and cashews instead of pecans. That's what I had in the house, so that's what I used. I bumped up the maple syrup from 1.5 tbsp to 2 tbsp. And I added .5 tsp of fresh ground nutmeg. Next time I would use .5 tsp of salt instead of 1.5 tsp.

After baking
About 2.5 cups, finished product

Do you have any treats that you would normally buy, but now make at home?

Kai has never wrapped herself in the sheets & fell asleep. I thought she was cute, so I had to take a picture or 7 😉

Kai had a good 3 hour nap, underneath the sheets.

Enjoy Friday & the weekend! Hopefully the heatwave will break by Saturday. Supposed to be a high of 93°F/34°C. I really want to go to First Friday, but if if doesn't cool down, I'll have to pass on it. Even though it's close to the water, with these temps it's a little much. Stay cool & don't over-exert yourself, if you can help it 🙂

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Yes, I know there have been days that have been warmer before now, but quite frankly I didn't feel like it. Today's outing was short, sweet & on my lunch break. Yes, Kai is an indoor cat, except for her harnessed outings. If I lived in the country, far from traffic & neighbours that put poison in their gardens it may be a different story.

Jungle Kitty
On to the next best thing
Relaxing after going cat crack crazy.

Anyone else harness their pets for outdoor adventures?

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