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On  a lighter note:

The evidence is photographed with the perpetrator, a.k.a Kai, coming back to investigate the crime scene. *Note rabbit legs in background.




"I wonder who did this? Let me sniff out the crime scene," says Kai the cat.

I love that her expression reads as though she just came across the scene.




I think I see a little guilt, in her face.

Or maybe not. I think she's quite proud of her work. She probably can't wait for the everyone to go upstairs at night. If she had opposable thumbs, the house would be a disaster every morning.

*By the way the flip-flops were not mine and only cost $1 at Giant Tiger, last year.


These are my flip-flops to wear inside the house.

I thought they were safe.

I was wrong.

Now they come upstairs with me at night and are safe beside my bed. Well at least until Kai stumbles across them in her never ending curiosity.




I thought her chewing slippers/shoes ended when all of her adult teeth came in. I guess not.



Song of the Day: Lowlife - Lowlife - Single 'Lowlife' - Theory of a Deadman (new album 'The Truth Is...' out in stores now)

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