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Yesterday (Sunday) was the first day in a long time that I truly did what I wanted to do and it was great! I didn't have to entertain anyone but myself. I didn't have to do anything that I didn't want to do. Well almost. I did have to clean up cat vomit but I guess the day couldn't be perfect. ( I was also greeted with more cat yak, this morning in the basement. As long as it's on an easily washable surface, I'm okay with it. Rugs, not so much.)

I was able to get some reading done. Not as much as I would have liked but a couple of chapters is better than none.

Knitting also went well this weekend. Finished a practice piece just to kind of get my groove back. Now I'm working on another. I'm not really sure who it's going to or what it's going to be (that's how I am) but I feel that I have to make it. (I'll try & post some pics of the work in progress soon.)

None of my Sunday shows were on last night. Long Island Medium, Call the Midwife. Breaking Amish had the season finale but I gave up on that show. Seems too fake & put together for my liking. So I went to bed at 8:35 pm. No sense in staying up, plus I was really worn out.

Starting to get nervous that the end of the year is rapidly approaching, because of my self-imposed book deadline. Having a "free" day means a lot more time to think about what needs to get done. "Free" days are good for the spirit but bad for the worry-wort's peace of mind/blood pressure. I can't win. 🙂

How was your weekend?

Till next time,