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Before Oprah Winfrey ended her talk show I really wasn't a fan of hers for years. She just seemed to go from sharing enlightening stories to a lot of fluff stories. She also seemed to be very celebrity oriented. There was and is more than enough fluff programming on television in my opinion. Which isn't bad, if that's what you like. When Oprah did have shows that meant something it just seemed to always come back around to her. What she has done and accomplished and what she feels the world needs. I'm not meaning to bash her because she has accomplished many great things in her life and I'm sure she will continue to do so. I mean starting a network and keeping it running successfully and at a profit is no easy task. Maybe I just feel that her show should have ended years earlier so she could focus on the other issues and projects that she is so passionate about. I don't know I guess everything has it's time and her talk show ended when it was supposed to. Let's face it, there would be no Dr. Phil Show or Dr. Oz and all the other shows if she had ended years earlier. Hmm, everything in it's own time. People cross each others path for a reason. So what's my point you may be asking yourself?

I love Fall evenings

Her new series of course. I really enjoy Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind, on the OWN network. The show follows creative and successful people to find out what drives them. Why they chose the path, they did? What makes them unique in their field? What makes them successful? We also get to know a little more about the person behind the title.

This past Sunday night was focused on designer, Tom Ford (fashion designer, producer, film director). Last week, the first of the series was focused on Tyler Perry (entrepreneur, actor, musician, singer, producer, writer). Which although I'm not a fan of all of his work, I like what he did to get where he is and what he is doing to keep going forward. Tom Ford, is a name that I wasn't very familiar with, before last night. But after watching this piece on him, he gives me inspiration, like Tyler Perry to keep moving forward with what I want to accomplish in my own life. It can be a hard road at times, with many rejections but if you know what you want to do you have to push forward and fight with everything you have.

Fall mornings are pretty great as well

I think that I'm drawn to the Visionaries series because that is where I see myself, in a somewhat different capacity in the future. Doing what I love, making a career out of it. Impacting the world in my own unique way. Some other OWN series that I like but rarely get to see are: Our America with Lisa Ling. I've always admired her work and like everything that she has hosted and produced so far. The Dr. Laura Berman Show is pretty good, but I rarely get to see it.

A survivor of the cooling weather

Have you seen Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind? What are your thoughts on any of the shows being produced on OWN.

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