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Classes start next week for me and I'm kind of hustling to get what I couldn't get done during the last 2 semesters, done during these 3 weeks. Have I been successful? Somewhat.

Not getting up at 4:30 a.m. Check

Reading for leisure. Check

Changing my volunteer hours. Check

Getting out of town for a few days, at least. Fail

Freezer stock up. Check

Taking Pictures. Check

Putting together recipes for this blog. Sort of, the pictures have been taken, but that's it.

Editing video. Fail, but mainly because I'm still trying to figure out the program. Premiere Pro CC is what I use. I've heard that Final Cut is easier, but Premiere has more customizable features.

Working on a business plan. A work in progress.

My puzzle. Fail, but I'm looking for a roll up mat, because I have no intention of finishing it in one session.

Writing. Added to one of my short stories. My book, not so much.

Anyone else back to school or at a new job? How are things going with you?



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Is there anything that you regret doing or not doing in 2011. No regret's for me. Good or bad it's a life lesson. If things didn't go as planned, I learned from it and did better next time.

I'm not into New Year's resolutions at all, because quite frankly there too hard to keep. Why be disappointed or set yourself up for something you most likely won't finish. You know yourself and what your capable of.

That's why I prefer to do yearly lists. Or I should say, 2 year lists. Be reasonable with my own expectations and everything on the list will be checked off.

My 2012/2013 list

  • Get at least 1 of my books edited and sent out to multiple publishers.
  • Do not accept less money than I know my work is worth.
  • Continue to enter writing contests. Hopefully I'll win one.
  • Be more outgoing and less protective of myself. In a good way of course, I'm not a pushover.
  • Travel to at least 1 fun destination that is not for work or medical appointments.
  • Try new recipes, that look really good from all of the cooking shows instead of always free-styling. This isn't so bad. If I don't want to eat everything I make, pass it on. We all know someone in our lives who will eat anything as long as they didn't have to cook it.

Is there anything that you would like to accomplish throughout 2012/2013? Just one is all you need. Leave at least one in the comment section.

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