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***Update: Well I'm pretty disappointed but finally get what people were saying about the fish taste. (Algal oil from the comment section.) This is the 3rd time that I've purchased Unsweetened Ripple & the 1st time that it tasted and smelled like raw salmon skin was sitting in my beverage. I thought I could get over it but after the 3rd mouthful of coffee, it went down the drain. I never throw out coffee. Too weak, strong or sweet? I drink it anyway. I won't give up on Ripple because I want non-dairy options but I won't buy the unsweetened again.

I've had my eyes open for non-dairy milk/creamer substitute for a long time now. I think I've found a great option in Ripple. I bought the Unsweetened flavour because I wanted the true taste, not a coverup. No offence to the other flavours, which include, Original, Vanilla & Chocolate. Ripple also comes in a kids to-go size of 8 FL OZ, which would be perfect for anyone on-the-go.

The flavour of the Unsweetened Ripple Pea Milk, is very mild & subtle. There is a slight aftertaste but it does not linger.

The consistency is very thick but smooth. If you do not like the thickness of whole milk or cream, you may not like this beverage. You could also use Ripple for baking or cooked cereal.

If prefer to watch a video review you can head over to Nadia's Kitchen Creations here.

I've also been looking for an alternative for dairy milk/creamer for my coffee & tea. Ripple was great & the first alternative that I actually liked. It has a thicker consistency, with a very light taste so it was a perfect creamer, that did not overtake my coffee.

Price: $8.49 for a 48 FL OZ bottle. Pricey for a family of four. A great option if you are just an occasional milk drinker or for your daily coffee and tea. If it's in your budget, give it try. If not there are other options. Prices may vary by store and country.

Rating: 🌑🌑🌑🌓🌕


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