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Ever have those days when you don't want to cook? You just want to pull something from the freezer but you want it to taste good and you want to know how it was made. Some convenience foods are great in a pinch but I like knowing where my food, in this case meat came from.

Are you concerned about the source of your meat or produce? Just because I'm a meat eater, doesn't mean I'll eat it from anywhere. I do care about how the animals were fed, raised & ultimately slaughtered. Which means more expensive meat, less often and I'm okay with that.

Well I solved this convenience problem for a little while by cooking up a few poultry options. Portioning it and tossing it in the freezer. I like to do this often but have been slacking for the last few months.

Brussel sprouts, one of my favourites. Lightly steamed makes my mouth happy.

Steam some veggies or make a quick salad, while the main part of the dish is heating up. Or if I just want something different than what someone else has cooked, I'm good to go.

Below: Chicken wings, before & after cooking. Cornish hen, before & after cooking. Turkey & beef meatballs, frozen & uncooked, ready to drop in some homemade tomato sauce.



Yep, that's how it is. When I'm tired and the only other option is cereal, my frozen meals are a blessing.

Do you ever make food and freeze it or do you just buy what's at the store/restaurant, when you don't have the time or want to cook?

Song of the Day:Signs of Life - Burn, Burn  'Signs of Life'- Our Lady Peace, Burn, Burn, 2009, Our Lady Peace Inc. (Links may not work in all countries.)

*V is for Vengeance Author Sue Grafton's latest novel.*

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