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Rainbow Trout, catching air

Well it's not working as well as I'd like but I'm plugging away.

  • Test #1 of the protein bar = a Big Fail. I will perfect it & provide the recipe.
  • The knitting is still in the promise land. Meaning it's still sitting in my bag. For me it's a mindless (relaxing) activity if you do it everyday. I'm rusty so I need to concentrate until my hands take over. Maybe I should try knitting first thing in the morning instead of at night. Something to think about.
  • Reading for other than my 'Book of the Month' has started again. Don't get me wrong, I only read books that I will hopefully enjoy, but reading without a deadline is great as well.
  • Going to bed earlier. I'm off schedule again and it's affecting me the next day. I'm tired, cranky and I find it really hard to concentrate on my work. I prefer to start working early, before the sun rises. Not 2am like in the past, more like 5:30-6am.
  • If I have an appointment, I don't rush home to get back, to work. Well, some of the time. I try to walk around, take some pictures, relax.

I have a lot to work on but it'll have to be 1 day at a time & 1 task at a time.

How is your work/life balance?

Beautiful February day

Song of the Day:Love Story - E=MC²  Love Story, Mariah Carey, E=MC2, 2008, The Island Def Jam Music Group and Mariah Carey. Click here to see Love Story. (Links may not work in all countries.)

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