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The Olympics was pretty great overall. Although I was a little consumed with them. It was a long 16 days. Some parts annoyed and incensed me. I let that out on FB & Twitter. The closing ceremonies were good overall, but long in the tooth. They could have ended after 1.5 hours and it would have been fine. They way they had the athletes jogging in I figured it was going to be a quick.

What I loved & couldn't stand was: The Pet Shop Boys. Brought back my childhood & I still love them. They lost me with One Direction, no thank you young men. Ray Davies, I don't know. Brought me back with George Micheal. Sounded and looked great for someone who was seriously ill with pneumonia. Annie Lennox, still the Queen, she is fabulous! Jessie J, Tinie Tempeh, Tao Cruz, definitely brought the energy up. Their Bee Gee's tribute was really good.

Oasis (Beady Eye, wtf?) was good but was flat & lifeless without his brother. There was a little bit of Bhangra and my sister loved that, she was waiting since the beginning of the ceremonies. Muse was awesome, channeling of Freddie Mercury & then seeing Freddie on screen. The remaining members of Queen rocked out with Jessie J.

What I couldn't stand was the Spice Girls. I didn't like them when they were out, I still don't today. I love Emeli Sandi, I didn't like the song that they made her sing twice. It was too somber.

As for the passing of the torch, I just hope Brazil shows more then being a party country. I would have liked to have seen a larger variety of the cultural aspects of Brazil. I also wasn't to impressed that the prominent women on stage were of European descent. They couldn't have put 1 woman of colour up there? No, I don't like to make a dig deal of race in general but on a world stage I expect much, much more.

Take That, blah. The Who, hmm. I was over it & I wanted to see the show Sinbad. I don't know if I'll be watching another Olympics again. Too much politics, cheating & paying off. I won't say never but...

Did you watch the Olympics or pass on them?

True Blood was great although the season is almost over and they have shorted us viewers on episode minutes for a second week in a row. Short seasons, and short episodes? Get it together True Blood! We notice and we are not happy.

A lot of mundane things were accomplished but nothing too exciting. Cleaning, laundry, adapting recipes, etc. Hopefully things get more interesting as the week goes on.

Wish I had done more napping this weekend.

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I can't believe August is here already. This entire year is flying by. I am kind of excited that we're closer to fall now. Although I don't think it's really going to cool off until October. These past few Thanksgivings (Canada) have been warm or plain hot.

It's official I have Olympic fever. I haven't had it, well in years. Ever since I was disgusted by the obvious favouritism & rigging of scores in a past Winter games. I can't remember which one exactly. Sometime in the 90's.

Like I said it's back and I'm a little obsessed, to the point of me re-working my work schedule around the events that I want to see. That's bad, but hey it's for a short amount of time.

Is it bad that I can't wait for the week to be over & for the long weekend to start? I'm having more of those weeks, lately. I think I need a serious vacation 🙂 That's it for now. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Feels like it should be one of those days

Till next time,