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  • Happy Friday! It's almost the weekend and on the agenda (hopefully) is making a new batch of body care products. I mix or make most of my own hair and body care products. For various reasons that I'll share below.


  • Money saving aside, I like knowing as much as I can about what is going into & onto my body. Head to toe. I can't go to Ghana to watch them process the Shea butter, that I purchased from my local health food store. Or go to the coconut fields in the Philippines, to watch them hack coconuts from the tree, which makes the coconut oil that I use on a daily basis. But researching and then trusting my sources is a great start to know where and how the products that I use came to be.


  • After a lifetime of allergic reactions and food elimination, something that smells sweet and flowery is not worth it to me. I have very allergic skin, therefore I don't put any old product on it. Having a rash on my scalp, body or face is not worth, the latest product that everyone is raving about. So I make my own clay hair wash, hair conditioner, and body oils, which I try to source from around the globe. When I buy the occasional cosmetic, I try to purchase products that are cruelty free and less toxic. I don't know if any commercial make-up is totally toxic free, but there are some better options out there.
  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA great tip that I use to remember which commercial products are cruelty-free, less toxic, or organic/natural, is to use the blank side of a business card. I use them to write down "safe" companies/products. They fit right into the credit card slot of my wallet. If I'm unsure of a product or company, I pop out my card to double check. This saves me time, so I don't have to return a product, that I'm not comfortable using.
  • Using home-made or less toxic products may take a little more time in the beginning but the savings on your wallet, health, and the environment make it worthwhile in the end.


Do you make any body care products or do you find it not worth it, with the amount of natural products on store shelves?

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