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Update: With further testing, I prefer Enoki raw or added add the end of cooking just to heat through. Otherwise the mushroom gets to chewy and stringy in texture. Still great flavour though.

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The company is Enviro Mushroom Farm Inc., out of Burlington, ON, Canada. I was especially drawn to it because it is a product of Canada. USDA Organic, Certified by ECOCERT Canada. This is important to me, so that was a major selling point.

When Enoki is cultivated it is snow white in colour. In the wild Enoki is dark brown in colour. I can only assume that the wild Enoki taste is even better.

Enoki mushrooms are my new favourite variety of mushrooms. If you love the taste of the white button mushroom, you should try these. Button mushroom flavour, times 10. So good and fresh tasting that I was eating them raw, until I had to stop and remember that I wanted to try the Enoki in a few different dishes.

Rating: 4/5

What is your favourite mushroom?

Enoki, raw in a salad.



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