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Update: With further testing, I prefer Enoki raw or added add the end of cooking just to heat through. Otherwise the mushroom gets to chewy and stringy in texture. Still great flavour though.

(This review is not sponsored.)

The company is Enviro Mushroom Farm Inc., out of Burlington, ON, Canada. I was especially drawn to it because it is a product of Canada. USDA Organic, Certified by ECOCERT Canada. This is important to me, so that was a major selling point.

When Enoki is cultivated it is snow white in colour. In the wild Enoki is dark brown in colour. I can only assume that the wild Enoki taste is even better.

Enoki mushrooms are my new favourite variety of mushrooms. If you love the taste of the white button mushroom, you should try these. Button mushroom flavour, times 10. So good and fresh tasting that I was eating them raw, until I had to stop and remember that I wanted to try the Enoki in a few different dishes.

Rating: 4/5

What is your favourite mushroom?

Enoki, raw in a salad.



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An organic bentonite clay based hair wash.

Pure Earth Hair Wash Organic Fragrance-free

My process:

Sectioned wet hair in four.

About a teaspoon, on the back of my hand.

Used about 1 tsp, per section of wet hair. I have thick, curly hair, so 1 tsp for short hair, like the bottle says, was not enough.

Just barely coating hair, not saturating it.

The instructions say to massage in hair for 2-3 minutes, then rinse with water. I didn't because I've been using the homemade bentonite clay wash for months now and never did before. So I put a shower cap on and left it in for about 1 hour or so. Then I rinsed it out.

Results: Feels clean, looks clean and is residue free, from the scalp to the end of my hair. I'm even happier because I don't have to mix the homemade concoction myself anymore. Before I had to get each ingredient from a different store and/or city. The costs would add up quickly. I purchased the fragrance free hair wash, so there was only an earthy, clay smell. Not strong at all. Once it was rinsed out there was no smell at all. The texture was super-smooth. No grit, or small particles.

Why did I bother with this? 99% of shampoos irritated my scalp and/or skin.

Plus, I'm trying to get away from all of the chemicals that traditional shampoos have.


So fresh and so clean

A little pricey by the time you add tax & shipping costs. It wouldn't be so pricey if a store in town would carry it (no shipping costs to contend with). From my own research I found that stores in town say it's only available online (not true). I wish stores would just be honest and say they don't want to carry a product for whatever reason. When I catch them it doesn't make me want to go back and give them my money.

16 oz. bottle of hair wash $20.50, before taxes, shipping. Total costs will vary by country.

A little info about Terressentials: An American company based in Maryland, specialising in certified organic body care products. http://www.terressentials.com/ Click on their ingredient list to see what's in it.

You can order trial sizes of most of their products of the various varities to see what works best for you, before spending money on a large size.

There is also a list of stores that carry Terressential products on their website.

Store that I got it from: http://thebigcarrot.ca/  Toronto, ON Canada. (Great customer service by the way.)

I give Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash Organic Fragrance-free, 4 out 5.

(This was not a paid review, I did it because I like the product.)

Have you tried Terressentials Hair Wash? What are your experiences?

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