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When I mean cooking, I'm talking about steaming some poultry. Not because I really want to, but because it's a solution that's working so far. I use to add chicken, beef or some liver to her food as a supplement, when she was a kitten. She was a mess and needed the pure protein. So I guess I'm back to that. Not that I feed her crappy food, but it is processed none the less.

She does seem to be more satiated then before and isn't constantly begging and leading me to her food station. She wasn't losing weight, and she is at the top of what her weight should be, so adding more food was not a solution. I did that over the summer and she started bulking up around the belly. Not good. I can still pinch a little (gently of course) on her sides, but not as much as earlier last year.


The vet said the amount she's eating is good, so who knows. But really does she look like she's starving? I don't think so. Mind you most of that bulk you see, is her Winter coat.

whoa is Kai (800x600)

Below, her breakfast and supper, combo. 1 tbsp dry; 1/2 tbp poached chicken; 1/2 tbsp canned. Then mixed with water, as directed by her vet. 1 tbsp of dry halfway through the day. I don't leave a bowl of dry for her to graze throughout the day, because she'll never truly be hungry and she will, and has in the past, refuse to eat any wet food.

kai's food jan 2014DSC00172

Do you have any feeding tips that you use or have heard of when feeding a seemingly always hungry, cat or dog?

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Getting reacquainted with her carrier. She actually had a few naps in it yesterday. I'm still looking for the perfect carrier. Something like this or this, that has an extendable handle with wheels. Airline approved. Preferably round or oval shaped. The colour doesn't matter as much, of course it must be a great price or on sale and be in stock.

I really don't like this carrier but it does the job & yes she is inside.

In the exam room. The 'dog' room this time, the 'cat' room was occupied by a dog.

The scared bird

The bird (at least I think so, I have no idea about the lifespan of a bird) she almost killed last year. She was on my shoulder and jumped for all she was worth. I think she thinks she's a panther in an Indian jungle.

The bird looked scared to death

My baby is 11 pounds. Still chunky, I'm not impressed. But at least the vet tech this year didn't call her chunky monkey. I'm at the beginning of trying to get her to eat wet food (for the 10th or 11th time) so I have to reduce her wet food to 1 tbsp per meal and dry to 1/8 cup per meal. Gradually so it doesn't affect her liver or was it kidneys? I forget to be honest, I've had a long day.

It's confirmed, she has fleas. Her first case in 2.5 years. I'm a little grossed out to be honest. A mild case but the suckers are there.

PA120614 A short video of Kai, for those interested.

Over all a good visit, I spent a long time talking with the vet tech and the doctor. About an hour this time. Her first visit in a long time, where she didn't try to terminate herself. Her heart & lungs sound good. Ears are clear. Joints & teeth are healthy. Aside from the damn fleas and reducing her food, I'm happy that she healthy.

After the visit.

At home, back in her carrier but not pleased with me

Song of the Day:The Cat Came Back - The Cat Came Back The Cat Came Back - Fred Penner, The Cat Came Back, 1991, Casablanca Kids Inc. A 'slightly' eccentric Canadian short film of the The Cat Came Back.

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