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~Today is #LoveYourPetDay and I wanted to share my "pet" Kai. Otherwise known as Kai The Feline on Instagram. Yes, she has her own Instagram page, which I never thought would happen but here I am. She's cute, so why not?

~As you can see, Kai likes to be comfortable. I don't blame her though. If you have servants who are willing to make you comfortable at ridiculous levels, why not? I miss that fireplace (in the picture below), it was nice on a cold Winter's day. Kai gets's snuggles, if she wants. Treats most days, food & shelter. Of course, the best butt pats a mama could provide. Only us pet people will get what that is about. She's weird but she likes it.🤷🏾‍♀️ How do you celebrate #LoveYourPetDay?

Kai The Cat Fireplace

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