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It's been a slow week on the blog because work is super busy. I hope everyone is doing well and January is treating you well. If the year seems to pass as quickly as it has been, Spring will be here before we know it. I'm not necessarily looking forward to the warmer weather. Just the longer days, less rain and more sun. More hours to explore, my surroundings!



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Doc Martin is back in North America, so I was glad to see that. I missed it and Martins' miserable self. Hopefully him and Louisa will be able to make it. Anyone else watch Doc Martin? I didn't stay up to watch Downton Abbey, I'll just watch it next Sunday at 5. I can't start my week tired. I still haven't managed to have a day off with no school work yet. I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.

Today was the first day that I've forgotten to feed Kai the cat. I remembered on the way to school this morning and felt like crap. Luckily someone was still home, so she got her breakfast. I know she won't shrivel and die if she misses a meal, but she must have been thinking, "what the heck", when I flew out of the door this morning and she had no food. This afternoon when I got home, she was sleeping in the middle of my bed and I didn't want to move her, out of guilt. So I napped (not really) in an L shape around her, on my side. Still trying to figure out if it's really guilt or that I've truly become a cat person.

sunset 09-02-14 3

sunset 09-02-14

Kai 11-02-14 blog (640x480)

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