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This Monday started off great. For some reason I love waking up to a nice, heavy rainfall. The dark skies and lack of sun doesn't effect me in a negative way. It's calming and relaxing. Anyone else not bothered by rainy, gloomy weather?

Today is back to editing my short story. I was supposed to be working on that this weekend but other than checking my email I zoned out for the most part. 2012 will not pass without my story being published, somewhere in some format. It will happen!

My course is going well. My days are busier but that's to be expected.

I was so excited for the season finale of True Blood (TB) last night but upset at the same time. An entire year before it's back. It wouldn't be so bad if the seasons were longer but with only 12 episodes it's a little harsh for us TB fans.

I did like that this year I was able to find a group of people on FB (Facebook), whom love TB as much as I do. It's a closed group called, A Cup Of Blood. We can talk about everything TB and for the most part it's a ton of fun and people don't take it too seriously. Thanks Nina (the founder & fellow YT'er)! You can find Nina on You Tube talking about True Blood and a ton of other things. Her True Blood reviews are unique and hilarious! Her YT name is MUCHLOVEFROMKY. Just a warning though, her language is not squeaky clean, so if that offends you don't bother. I don't always agree with her but she does tell it like it is and how she sees things. Okay back to TB & SPOILER ALERT if you haven't seen the finale yet.

  • As much as I loved Russell and his crazy-ass, well he was crazy. You can't live for 3000 years and not go mad. I love how the old ones, sort of deflate & melt, instead of just exploding. Bye Russell. It was fitting that Eric took him out, since Russell killed his human family.
  • No surprise with Tara making a move on Pam and Pam excepting. I think we all saw Tara crushing on her from the beginning of this season.
  • Sam, Luna and Emma. I see sadness all over that storyline. Is Sam ever going to find happiness? I hope Luna survives but I doubt it. If she doesn't at least Emma will have a good, healthy pack to grow up in and she has a grandma that loves her. Sam busting out of that old vamp was awesome! The best true death, I've seen so far, loved it!
  • I can't believe how Marella, the fairy dropped those babies, #'s 74-77 and her job was done. Just like some people. Good luck to Andy raising 4 girls. Ha!
  • Loved seeing Jason with a purpose, he was so lost this season. I wonder if him getting zapped has given him powers to see the dead or if it's just hallucinations? It should be interesting to see what the writers do with that storyline.
  • I did suspect that Lilith just needed a vessel, a body. So that wasn't too much of a surprise. I just didn't expect Bill to explode and than reform. Damn that she-devil Lilith. Love how my FB group is calling Bill, Billith.
  • And I'll finish with Alcide (Joe Manganiello). So glad is Alcide is taking his pack back. I didn't expect him to kill JD? Oh well, it had to be done. He is not going to put up with his pack members on V. Him being a lone wolf was not working for me. Let's hope the writers find him a decent she-wolf. Someone strong, whom has the same ideals as Alcide. And let's face it, he's just beautiful to watch. Man, late next year before TB comes back. Boo!

How was your weekend, anything exciting or just good that happened? Happy Monday, see you on Wednesday. I'll be writing a little about the upcoming Paralympics, starting this Wednesday.

Till next time,



Today's post was supposed to be a little different, but mother nature did not cooperate. She can be something else. When you think you're going to do something, she shows you who's really in control. So, it will be postponed to another day, hopefully soon.

I'm in the process of starting a writing course, next week. I wrote about it back in June, if you want to check out that post. So I'm pretty excited about that. It's a technical writing course. Not the creative writing that I normally do, but this will help brush up my skills and therefore brush up my bank account. Positive thoughts & hard work in action = positive results. It should be interesting to see how I fare, working and school at the same time. I've done it before and it's not easy. This time is different though because it's what I love to do, not what I feel I should be doing.

Other than that, I'm getting through a rainy Friday and can't wait for the weekend to start. Not that work stops, but the pressure is off for a couple of days.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

Till next time,